Helping Children Learn Scripture (and free Scripture Printables!)

Our homeschool starts each day with a devoted Bible time.  On most days, we use Bible Study Guide for All Ages, yet occasionally I’ll write my own Bible study for the week. But the one aspect of Bible time I haven’t been successful at? Memorizing Scripture. I always have great intentions: I plan the verse […]

Christmas Listening Pages for Non-Readers

Amy and I have teamed up again for another round of Listening Pages!  We are both so thrilled to offer you these Biblically-based listening pages for your little people. If you aren’t familiar with Listening Pages the concept is simple: keep little ones engaged in the church service on Sunday mornings – from singing to […]

Listening Pages for Non-Readers

I am so thrilled to team up with one of my favorite people – Amy from Raising Arrows!  Last week, Amy told me of her wonderful idea for ‘Listening Pages.’  I immediately knew it was a project I would love to work on. The concept of these Pages is to keep little ones engaged in the […]