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I share links and ideas to encourage other mothers: to seek the Lord first in all things, to thrive in motherhood and family life, and instill a love of country in our children.
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Groundhog Day Worksheets

Here's a set of Groundhog Day Worksheets for your young ones!

Includes a dot-to-dot, maze, writing practice, creative cut & paste activity, and coloring pages.

#homeschool #GroundhogDay
Attention #NorthCarolina parents of teenagers:

"RALEIGH — Students ages 17 and up could be required to get a COVID-19 vaccination in order to attend secondary schools in the state, depending on the actions of a state commission.

The N.C. Commission for Public Health (NCCPH) is the body considering such a move. The commission is housed under the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) and is the only body other than the legislature that can amend vaccination laws for students in the state. It is a 13-member body, nine of which have been appointed Gov. Roy Cooper. The other four were appointed by the N.C. Medical Society."

The next meeting is scheduled for 0900 on February 2, 2022.
This would be well worth your time if you’re looking to homeschool!
Please share it with others that might be interested in removing their children from government schools.⬇️⬇️
Forwarded from 2 Citizen Moms
As most of you know, Mindy and I are both homeschool moms and believe AS MANY CHILDREN AS POSSIBLE SHOULD BE RESCUED FROM GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS…

We are super excited to share this announcement from our friend, Sloan Rachmuth, at Education First Alliance…

This week for School Choice Week, we are hosting a LIVE seminar with a homeschool consultant called: Homeschooling Your Children in 5 Easy Steps.

Our goal is to reach 7,200 people with this show (20% more than our average), and then convert 75 - 100 families into homeschooling within the next year.


🔥🔥Do not miss our Wednesday night LIVE! 🔥🔥

This School Choice Week, we are celebrating the homeschool community!

Join Sloan and Heather Crislip-Vance of Heavenly Homeschool Academy for a conversation about transitioning from public or private schooling to the wonderful & rewarding world of homeschooling! We'll talk about selecting curriculum, achievement testing, time management, and building a social life for your home students.

Heather will take your questions and offering tailored advice for you! Her Heavenly Homeschool Academy puts God and family at the heart of everything they do and their Homeschool Academy on those values.

Sloan Rachmuth
President, Education First Alliance NC
If you haven't watched any of the clips from Senator Ron Johnson's 2nd Opinion panel today, I encourage you to do so.

This lawyer reported an increase in miscarriage by 300% directly attributed to the shot. May the Lord comfort these couples in the death of their children. The Lord's comfort is the only thing that can take away that kind of pain.

Join me in praying for them. ❤️

We know two people personally that lost babies after the jab. It's heartbreaking. ⬇️⬇️
Forwarded from Chief Nerd
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Attorney Thomas Renz reveals what multiple DoD whistleblowers have provided on the safety of the vaccines

These numbers are mind blowing!


My 11yo’s drawing during our Bible time this homeschool morning. ❤️
Please share this with your friends that are interested in removing their children from government schools. I have no doubt it will be an excellent presentation!

Tonight 1/26/2022 at 20:00

#homeschool ⬇️⬇️
"May God grant us faith to completely trust His Word, even when every other sign points the other way."

Yes. Amen.
May the Lord bless these truckers!
Their support from other Canadians is a sight to behold!
Go Canada! 🇨🇦
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NEW - Children from across #Canada leave messages for the truckers in the convoy before their final push to Ottawa in protest over vaccine mandates.

Mathew, a 12-years old from Alberta: "Keep on trucking!"

This is such a beautiful thought on dwelling with the Lord. Take a few minutes to read it and then hop over and read Psalm 91.
Such comforting thoughts! ❤️🙏🏻✝️

Forwarded from Sheri's Main Channel
Last night at prayer meeting we looked at Psalm 91. One point that really stuck out to me was this verse, vs. 1, where it talks about "dwelling" in the shelter of the Most High (God).

A dwelling isn't something that I go to every now and then, it is where I live, it is where I go home to each night, it is my safe place. This is how we are to be with God. HE is to be our "dwelling place" - where we reside, our safe place. God isn't just to be someone that we run to when we are in trouble, but isn't that many times how we treat God? We neglect our time in the Bible, our prayer time, etc., until trouble hits. Then we run to God seeking refuge and help with or out of our troubles.

God is to be our dwelling place. He is to be our all. The most important thing in our life. It is only as we "dwell" in the shelter of God, that we can "abide" or "rest".

It is so easy to allow the cares of this world to overwhelm us and we tend to forget Whose we are and Where we dwell. We do not dwell in this world. I was reminded last night that God is to be my dwelling place - on a continual, daily, hourly, minute by minute basis.

While the world around me will continue to get more chaotic, more corrupt, more sinful, more scary, I can rest/abide in the Lord because I have made Him my dwelling place.

Where is your dwelling place today? If you are not finding daily, hourly rest and peace, maybe you are not dwelling in the shelter of the Most High God!

Make God be your dwelling place today! He is our only hope and peace!