Nursery Rhymes Printables

How Meal Planning Breakfast Saves My Homeschool Day

How Meal Planning Breakfast Makes My Homeschool Day Easier plus tips and ideas!

If you read homemaking/parenting/mama blogs at all, you know that meal planning is a hot topic! Freezer cooking, crock pot cooking, and once-a-month shopping trips are discussed in great detail.  Don’t you just love the resources available for a mama on the internet? It really is a vast sea of knowledge and experience.  I adore […]

Chalk Pastel Resources – 50% off!

Birds Nest Chalk Pastel

We are enormous fans of chalk pastels here at the Hill House!  I’ve written several times about how EASY they are for a mama to incorporate in her homeschool week. So I’m very happy to share with you that Hodgepodge is having a huge 50% off sale from April 13-15 on all chalk pastel ebooks! […]

Our Favorite Homeschool Books!

Usborne Books - The perfect books for your unit study!

Friends, I am so excited about today’s post! Throughout our homeschooling years (5 years to date), a series of books has stayed tried and true for us – Usborne books! It all started with a book on Ancient Greece when my oldest son was in the 1st grade.  I had no idea how this book would […]

Take a Peek at Our Current Homeschool Preschool Routine!

Our Preschool Routine

The online homeschooling community is so giving, isn’t it?  Each year, bloggers post what curricula they are using, why they’re choosing said curricula, and any helpful hints for the coming school year. For newer, and even more experienced homeschool moms, this is a dream! It’s such a treat to peek into another family’s homeschool and […]

Switching Curriculum in the Middle of the Homeschool Year

Switching Curriculum in the Middle of Your Homeschool Year

We are now in our 5th year of homeschooling here in the Hill House.  That’s so hard to believe on many levels! I could write a book on the many things I’ve learned in this 5 years.  One of the biggest concepts? I can change curriculum during the middle of our homeschool year. I know […]

Henry the Castaway Activities

Henry the Castaway activities

We love literature-based learning in our homeschool!  It’s such a gentle, effective way to learn and we can’t get enough of it. (This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my disclosure policy for more information.) The past couple of weeks we’ve been reading Henry the Castaway by Mark Taylor.  Because we’ve had a few days […]

The Best Dictionary for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Best Dictionary for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

I’m frequently asked what my favorite ______ is for homeschooling. You can insert the word pencil, printer, curriculum, file folders, read-alouds, or any other item we homeschool mamas frequently ponder over. So today I’m sharing what I have found to be the best dictionary for Kindergarten – 2nd Grade.   Dictionary for Kindergarten – 2nd […]

Attribute Apples: Favorite Educational Toy

Attribute Apples: one of our favorite educational toys!

The past few weeks, my girls and I have had a big time studying apples.  Since fall is upon us, it’s the perfect time to read, study, and eat all things apple! (This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.) In addition to a multitude of apple worksheets and printables, my […]

Homeschooling Help and Encouragement

Homeschool Help and Encouragement

This post contains my affiliate link which helps support free worksheets and printables here at Mama’s Learning Corner.  See my disclosure policy for more information. This week, I’m highlighting some of my favorite resources from the 2014 Omnibus Sale. As most of you know, the Omnibus Sale is one of my favorite times of the homeschool year! […]

Homeschooling Preschool Using Ebooks in the 2014 Omnibus!

2014 Omnibus - Preschool Curriculum and resources

This post contains my affiliate link which helps support free worksheets and printables here at Mama’s Learning Corner.  See my disclosure policy for more information. Oh it’s one of the most wonderful times of the homeschool year: The Omnibus Sale! With the enormous number of books available in big ebook bundles, it can feel overwhelming […]

Our Favorite Book This Week: The King’s Taster

The King's Taster - A favorite book we're reading this week!

This post contains affiliate links which help support free worksheets and printables here at Mama’s Learning Corner.  For more information, please see my disclosure policy. This week, my children and I have enjoyed The King’s Taster by Kenneth Oppel. And I when I say ‘enjoyed’, that means we’ve read the book only 99 times. At […]