Activity Basket for Kids: Summer Themed!

Activity Basket for Kids: Summer Themed

My girls absolutely adore their weekly activity baskets!  This week’s activity basket for kids is summer themed – fun! If you’ve seen the other activity baskets I’ve shared, you know that my financial goal for these baskets is $5 or less, and this basket definitely met that goal. The only things brand new in the […]

Early Kindergarten Homeschool Curriuclum Plans for 2015-2016

Early Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum 2015-2016

I’m finally posting about my last student during Curriculum Week here at Mama’s Learning Corner! (Whew! There’s four of them, you know!) Whether you’re starting school next week or in a couple of months, I hope you’ve found some potential ideas in choosing curriculum for your own kiddos. Today’s post is all about what my […]

First Grade Curriculum Homeschool Plans for 2015-2016

1st Grade Curriculum Plans 2015-2016

Are you following along with me during Curriculum Week here at Mama’s?  I hope you’re able to find some new-to-you ideas! Whew!  Writing out curriculum plans for 4 children is quite a task! Today I’m sharing the plans that my first grader and I have for this school year.  She is such a curious, eager […]

3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Plans for 2015-2016

3rd Grade Curriculum Plans 2015-2016

So it’s homeschool curriculum week here at Mama’s Learning Corner!  I’m sharing what curriculum and projects I’m using with all 4 of my kiddos during this school year. Today, I’m sharing what my 3rd grader and I will be working on during the 2015-2016 school year. As I said in my son’s 5th Grade post, […]

5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Plans for 2015-2016

5th Grade Curriculum Choices 2015-2016

I’m pretty certain that it was just a few weeks ago that I wrote our homeschool curriculum choices for the 2014-2015 school year. How is it that the years seem to pass so quickly, but oftentimes, the days drag on? I’m not sure how that works, but I am certain it’s extremely bittersweet for me […]

Activity Basket for Kids: Stamp Set!

Activity Baskets for Kids: Stamp Set and CVC books

I am so happy to finally post one of our latest activity baskets.  I had no intention of it taking me almost a month to post another basket, but oh my, such is a busy homeschool mama’s life! As I mentioned in my first post on activity baskets for kids, I had the brainstorm to […]

Fun FREE Summer Activities for Kids!

Free Resources for the Summer!

Like most homeschool families, I have to make sure I stick to our curriculum budget.  I don’t mind paying for quality resources for my children in the least, however I am always thrilled when I can find resources for free! Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op is offering quite a few free summer activities for kids and I […]

Ready-Made Preschool Level 2: A Literature-Based, Hands-On Preschool Curriculum!

Ready Made Preschool: a comprehensive open-and-go preschool curriculum

I received monetary compensation for the time invested in reviewing this curriculum and in writing a thoughtful, honest review.  The opinions contained in this post are 100% mine.  For more information, see my disclosure policy.   Each week, I receive several emails which all have the same theme: Moms want to know how they can […]

Make Over Your Mornings: Learning to Simplify

Make Over Your Mornings

If you’re following along with my Learning to Simplify series, you know that I’ve been getting up earlier than usual over the past month.  Actually, today marks my 4th week of getting up early, but who’s counting?! Getting up early before the rest of the house has worked well for me in this seasons of […]

Activity Basket for Kids: I Can Draw Animals!

Activity Baskets for Kids: I Can Draw Animals

At the beginning of the school year, I budget quite a bit of our homeschool money for crafts, markers, crayons, and art supplies.  My children know that they are welcome to any of those supplies at any time (as long as they clean up when they’re finished!). I’ve noticed that my little girls – ages […]

Learning to Simplify: How to Create a Simple Schedule for Your Family

Living the Simple Life: How to Create a Simple Schedule for Your Family

Yesterday, I continued writing in my Learning to Live the Simple Life series.  I didn’t intend to write two posts on how I keep my family from being overscheduled, but it exploded into an enormous topic! Make sure you read why it’s so important for my family to keep our daily schedule from getting out […]