How I Encourage Pretend Play in Our Home

Through the years, I’ve worked hard to encourage my children to use their imaginations.  I have some children who are extremely creative, and others who are more gifted in other areas. But regardless of how creative my children are, I’ve provided them with opportunity after opportunity to use the magnificent creative brains that God gave […]

Why Imaginative Play is a Priority in Our Home

Thankfully with having 4 children, I realized early on that imaginative play has huge benefits.  While I create a boatload of worksheets and printable activities for us to use in our homeschool, they never trump pretend play. Imaginative play is a priority in our home. For many years, I felt like I wasn’t disciplined enough […]

How I Help My Children Go to Sleep

Do your kiddos struggle with going to sleep? Out of my 4 children, I have 3 that struggle almost nightly with trying to go to sleep.  As their homeschool mama who has been with them all day, I need them (oh so desperately!) to be in bed by 8:15 or 8:30. My own introverted need […]

Merry Christmas from Mama’s!

Merry Christmas, My Dear Friends! I am taking the rest of this week off to spend time with my favorite people and celebrate the Birth of Christ, so things will be quiet here for a few days. I’ll be back just as soon as Christmas is over, though! I have some fabulous things planned for […]

I’m not having a Pinterest Perfect Crafty Christmas…and what we’re doing instead!

I have a homeschooling mom confession: ♥ I am not having a Pinterest Perfect Crafty Christmas here at the Hill House. ♥  But aren’t homeschooling moms supposed to do everything perfectly?   And even worse is that I’m a blogger. Bloggers are supposed to have beautiful pictures of their beautiful homes and their beautiful children […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2015 for Homeschoolers!

It’s Black Friday again, and that means everything under the sun is on sale! I find it tedious to keep up with all of the sales and score great deals on all of those products that we homeschool moms know and love! I spent quite a bit of time browsing the sales, since I have […]

How I Did Homeschool Bible Time with Only Littles – with a video!

Several weeks ago, I published a video where I described what our current Bible time looks like each day.  Right now, I have a 5th grader, 3rd grader, 1st grader, and Early Kindergartner. While many of you emailed and said you loved the video, you wanted to know what our homeschool Bible time looked like […]

10 Fun Card Games for Kids

My children love to play games – board games, outside games, card games, anything! We’ve been fortunate to stumble upon several tried-and-true card games that we play frequently. Occasionally, we take a morning off from school and just play card games.  Or my kiddos and my husband might play a few hands on a rainy […]

What We Put in Our Leaves Science Basket (plus a video!)

Over the summer, I posted a few ideas for using Activity Baskets for your young learners. My girls absolutely adored them, and still ask for them routinely! Because I have trouble fitting science in on most days (there’s only so many hours in my day!), I brainstormed ways I could make this activity basket into […]

Resources for the New Homeschool Mom – with a new video!

When I was a brand spankin’ new homeschool mama, I was pretty overwhelmed.  And exhausted. My oldest was starting Kindergarten, and I also had a 3 year old, and a 16-month old. And my #4 was due in November. It was an extremely busy season in my life. I think back to those early years […]

Our Favorite Books About Apples!

I’ve mentioned a couple of times on Facebook this week that my children and I study apples every single September. Why? Well, mostly because it is one of my favorite unit studies, if truth be told! We love to have apple taste tests, we try to visit an orchard and pick a few apples, and […]