Spelling and Grammar

There are many facets of spelling and grammar:

Phonics – learning which letters make which sounds
Syllables – learning to spell the syllables of words and divide words by syllables
Rules for Plurals – making a word mean more than one through –s, –es, –ies
Rules for Possessives – when to add ‘s, s’ or es’ to show ownership
Base Words/Prefixes/Suffixes – learning what these word parts are and how to use them
Learning word groups – such as –ate (late, gate, rate)
Learning Basic Sight Words
Learning the exceptions to Spelling Rules
Capitalization and Punctuation
Parts of Speech
Dictionary Skills


Rhyming Words and Long Vowels

Endings: Add -ing
More Endings: Add -ing 


Commonly Misspelled Words – Identify words that are commonly misspelled


Scrambled Sentences: My Neighborhood – Place the sentence’s words in the correct order


Forming Plural Words

Plurals: -s and -es – add the correct ending -s or -es to make the plural form
Plurals: Choose -s or -es – draw a line to the correct plural form -s or -es
Making Plurals: Add -s or -es – circle the correct plural form of the picture


Capitalization and Punctuation

Is This Sentence Correct? (Capitalization and Punctuation) – Correct the capitalization and punctuation errors
Correct the Sentence – Correct the capitalization and punctuation errors
Capitalization and Punctuation Check-Off – Determine if there are capitalization and punctuation errors in this unique check-off style grid
Capitalization and Punctuation Correction – Determine if the statements have the correct capitalization and punctuation


Dictionary Skills

ABC Order/Dictionary Skills
Dictionary Skills
Dictionary Practice: Back-to-School


Parts of Speech

The Noun/Verb Sort – Correctly sort these parts of speech (cutting & gluing activity)
Past Tense: Regular and Irregular Verb Sort – Correctly sort the past tense of each verb (cutting & gluing activity)
Amy’s Garden – Identify the nouns in each sentence
Personal Pronoun Practice – Correctly insert the correct personal pronoun in the sentence
More Pronoun Practice – Match the nouns with the pronouns that can replace them


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