Addition WorksheetsAddition Facts & Drills:

Addition Facts – Basic addition fact practice
Addition Facts and Shapes – Addition facts and shape recognition
Follow the Leader: Addition with Two-Digits – unique method of practicing addition facts with a “follow the leader” style
What’s the Operator? – Fill in the correct operator – uses addition and subtraction
Simple Addition with Word Problems – One-digit addition equations with 2 word problems
Math Facts: Is the Answer Correct? – Simple addition/subtraction math facts with cut & paste activity
Math Trivia – Addition with Regrouping – Solve the code using addition with regrouping


Magic Squares – Sums to 10
Magic Squares – Sums to 15
Magic Squares – Double Digits


Addition Word Problems:

Addition Word Problems

Birthday Party Word Problems (Addition) – uses single and double digit addition

Christmas Word Problems (addition and subtraction) – double digit addition

Addition Word Problems (with Regrouping) – uses multi-digit addition with regrouping


Addition Games:

Printable Addition Match Game – Matching Game using math facts 0 and 1

Printable Addition Bingo – 6 different board games for multiple players


Addition Color-By-Number Worksheets:

Color-by-Number: Blooming Sums – Uses simple addition up to sums of 10

Color-by-Number: Hot Air Balloon Sums – Simple addition for sums 6 through 10


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