Preparing Emergency Bags for Your Children


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I’m a monthly contributing writer over at the lovely FishMama’s.  Since September is National Preparedness Month, I wrote on preparing Emergency Bags for children.

I consider our Emergency Bags to be insurance.  I fully hope we never have to use them, but I have them well-stocked in case we do.

If your children are old enough, this would make a wonderful project to do during school time. For older kids, you can brainstorm reasons why they would need an Emergency Bag (think tornado, fire, or any reason you would need to evacuate your house quickly) and then brainstorm the essential items that the Bag needs to contain.  You could do a whole unit study on preparedness!

So head over to Life as MOM for the details about making your own Emergency Bags for your children.

And if you missed my post last month, you can hop over and read Homeschooling with Little Ones.

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