Easter Listening Pages for Non-Readers

Easter Listening Pages - Help children stay engaged during the Worship Service!

Listening Pages are one of my favorite printables to publish and I’m thrilled with how these turned out.  Amy and I enjoy providing these Biblically-based listening pages for your little people.

If you aren’t familiar with Listening Pages the concept is simple: keep little ones engaged in the church service on Sunday mornings – from singing to the sermon to prayer.

Easter Listening Pages for Non-Readers

These Easter Listening Pages are for children that aren’t reading quite yet.  Before the service, go over each of the pictures with your child so they know what words they should listen for.  When they hear specific words in the church service, they color in a shape.  Then there is space to also practice writing the word they heard.

In our family, we feel it’s important that our children listen to the sermon and pay attention during the service.  These Easter Listening Pages are a great way to help keep their minds focused and their little hands busy.

Amy from Raising Arrows is hosting the Easter Listening Pages for children that read fluently.  As you will see, her Pages offer words to listen for and a space to tally how often those words are heard throughout the service.  There is also a nice space to write extra notes.


Click the image below to download your Easter Listening Pages for Non-Readers

Easter Listening Pages for Non-Readers


  1. Trinity Church says:

    What a neat resource! Thank you for sharing. I posted this on our church’s Facebook page to have in time for Sunday’s worship.

  2. Becky S. says:

    We take advantage of the preschool color pages while at church. I am going to suggest they add these pages as well. What a great idea! Thank you.

  3. What a great resource! Unfortunately, I cannot open Publisher files on my computer. Will these pages ever be available in PDF form?
    Thank you!

    • Lauren Hill says:

      Lisa – thanks so much for letting me know! I accidentally uploaded the .pub instead of the pdf. Thanks for alerting me to it! :)

  4. When I download I am getting the Easter Worksheet packet instead … is that the same? I didn’t see anything that said Easter Listening Pages.

  5. Georgina says:

    Hi Lauren I just purchased the human body, all about birds and a few more packets from you, but I need the study guide where can i purchase the actual materials on them? Thanks

  6. Dear Lauren,

    Other then the coloring pages is there anything else you suggest for a young three year old?



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