Find the Nouns! Worksheet for 2nd Grade

Find the Nouns Worksheet for 2nd Graders

My second grader is learning all about nouns in the next several weeks.  To reinforce what she’s learning, I created several noun worksheets that I’ll post over the next month.   This worksheet assumes your child has a very basic understanding of nouns – that a noun is a person, place, or thing. In each […]

Rhyming Picture Cards

Free Rhyming Cards

As my regular readers know, my girls love match games! I have a variety of styles here at Mama’s Learning Corner and I’m thrilled to share with you the newest edition: Rhyming Picture Cards! My 5-year-old is still a very beginning reader and my almost 4-year-old is still working on letter sounds and phonemic awareness. […]

Vocabulary Word List: Free Printable

Vocabulary Word List - Use for your unit study vocabulary words!

In our homeschool, there always seems to be a steady stream of vocabulary words that my children and I are learning. Whether the vocabulary words are in our Tapestry of Grace work, a unit study, or in our book study of the week, there’s a constant list of vocabulary words we’re wading through. How We […]

The Best Dictionary for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Best Dictionary for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

I’m frequently asked what my favorite ______ is for homeschooling. You can insert the word pencil, printer, curriculum, file folders, read-alouds, or any other item we homeschool mamas frequently ponder over. So today I’m sharing what I have found to be the best dictionary for Kindergarten – 2nd Grade.   Dictionary for Kindergarten – 2nd […]

Pumpkin Worksheets for Kindergarten and First Grade

Free Pumpkin Worksheets - 17 printables for Kindergarten & First Grade; includes math facts, beginning sounds, word search, build a sentence, and more!

It’s Fall!  And that means there are pumpkins galore! My girls and I are reading all about pumpkins this week using our favorite pumpkin books (see our list below).  We’re also going to make a few fun pumpkin crafts and cooking up some pumpkin-y treats as well. I think I’m more excited than they are! […]