Bible Copywork: The Beatitudes {Matthew 5}

}Matthew 5} The Beatitudes Copywork

The Beatitudes – Matthew 5 – are some of my favorite verses to read in the New Testament.  I read them often! In fact, I’m looking for a Bible Study that my kiddos I can do to really learn those verses and what Jesus was saying to us as believers. In the meantime, my kiddos […]

Kindergarten-First Grade Calendar Notebook

Kindergarten Calendar Notebook 2015 2016

Kindergarten – First Grade Calendar Notebooks 2015-2016 are here! *shouts of joy all around!* Calendar Notebooks are some of my favorite resources to make, but WOW do they take a long time! My Kindergartner (soon to be First Grader) used her calendar notebook pretty consistently this year, so I wanted to update it and give […]

Preschool Calendar Notebook

Preschool Calendar Notebook 2015-2016

Preschool Calendar Notebooks – they’re finally here for the 2015-2016 school year! Happy Dances all around! Because my 4 1/2 year old has worked through the preschool notebook quite a bit this year, I decided to give it a face lift so it would seem new to her when we started back with it in […]

Handwriting Worksheets for Kids: Pre-Primer Dolch Words!

Handwriting Worksheets for Kids: Pre Primer Sentences

My almost 6-year-old and 2nd grader had a great time practicing their handwriting with the copywork color packet!  It was a fun change of pace for them. Not only did they practice writing and recognizing color words, they were reminded about sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation.  Also, my second grader had some practice with nouns, […]

Bible Copywork: Matthew 28:5-6

Free Bible Copywork: Matthew 28

There are several times during our homeschool year where I try to coordinate by topic.  Depending on the holiday or season, we’ll have every subject point to the same theme – science, history, copywork, reading, and any other subject I can incorporate! And what better topic is there than Jesus in these days leading up […]