Multiplication Color By Number Worksheets

Multiplication Color By Number Worksheets for 2nd Graders

Welcome to Day #4 of this rockin’ Color-By-Number Series here at Mama’s Learning Corner!  This series has by far been one of the most popular ever published at Mama’s.  Thank y’all for all of your shares on Facebook and your pins on Pinterest.  The Color By Number Worksheets are simple, educational, free resources for homeschooling families, so I appreciate you spreading the word. :)

Today’s 4-page download set focuses on multiplication.  Multiplication is traditionally introduced and practiced in 2nd grade, so these worksheets are geared towards that age.

Practice simple multiplication facts, up to the 12 series of facts.  After calculating the correct product, use the key to determine the correct color to use in the robot picture.  (I thought these robot drawings were especially fabulous.)

Once you’ve downloaded this robot multiplication packet, head over to Mama’s Color By Number Page for more color by number worksheets.  There’s worksheets for all age ranges: color by number preschool pages, simple addition and subtraction, addition and subtraction using mental math, and more!

Multiplication Color By Number Robots


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