My Letter Book: Short a


I’m excited to announce a new feature at Mama’s Learning Corner: My Letter Book.

Each Friday, I’ll post a new chapter in My Letter Book.  My Letter Book is a fun way to reinforce letter sounds for your Kindergartner.

Each chapter focuses on one letter sound, providing a picture reminder of the letter’s sound as well as an opportunity to practice writing a word focusing on that sound. 


Directions for Assembling My Letter Book

After downloading and printing My Short a Vowel Book, cut the pages along the gray dotted lines.  After stacking them together, staple the book along the left side, so the pages can be easily turned.

Each page has an ample amount of white space for your child to draw their own picture of the given word on the page.  Then they can trace the word that focuses on that book’s specific letter sound and practice writing it in the blank space.

Lastly, each book contains a summary of the book’s words on the last page with an opportunity for your child to practice writing her name.


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