Nursery Rhymes Printables

Valentine’s Blank Writing Pages

Valentines Day Blank Writing Pages

My children love it when we can change a little bit from our regular routine.  While the kids and I do thrive on routine, it’s always nice to have a small change of pace. That’s where fun printables like these Valentine Blank Writing Pages come in! While we admittedly don’t do very much for Valentine’s […]

Color By Number Worksheets: February!

Color By Number Worksheets: February

I’m so sorry, Friends, but I am a bit late in getting up February’s color by number worksheets! I’ve been quite busy installing a new eStore which has taken hours upon hours of time. Go take a peek at the new look if you have just a few minutes!  It’s so much easier to navigate and is […]

My Winter Clothes: Match Game

Winter Clothes Matching Game

Match Games never go out of style here at the Hill House! As some of my children have gotten past the preschool age where match games reign supreme, I’ve implemented a few other strategies to make them last just a bit longer during the elementary years. Make sure to scroll through and read how we […]

Increase Reading Fluency with The Cat in the Hat Reading Cards!

The Cat in the Hat Reading Cards

Oh my!  It has been a very long time since I published a set of reading cards from our Book of the Week series! Despite my not publishing a new set of reading cards in over a year (eek!), I have continued to make them for my beginning readers to increase their reading fluency. I […]

Practice Basic Sight Words for Kindergarten with Puzzle Cards

Basic Sight Words for Kindergarten: Pre-Primer Puzzle Cards

I love to use a variety of sight word games and activities to help my children learn to read! When practicing basic sight words for Kindergarten, my 5 year old is having a great time with this set of Pre-Primer Sight Word Puzzle Cards. This set is similar to the CVC Matching Puzzle Cards that […]

Winter Cut and Paste: ABC Order

Winter Cut and Paste: ABC Order

I have found that ABC order needs quite a bit of practice and reinforcement with my children. To make ABC order more fun for my girls, I made some super cute winter cut and paste worksheets! These ABC worksheets will go along with our “fun” stack of school work: reading lots of snow books, winter […]

Favorite Children’s Books About Snow!

Living Books about Snow

Whether we are doing school or having a laid-back day around the house, we are a family that reads a lot of books.  We love them! Living books have a beautiful way of teaching that I have found in no other method.  My children literally soak up the pages. What a joy to watch! This […]

Winter Coloring Pages

Winter Coloring Pages

Mini coloring pages – our favorites! And based on the emails I receive from all of you, your kiddos love them too! This week, my girls and I are reading through many of our favorite children’s books about snow and having a good time with these winter coloring pages. These coloring pages are unique in […]

Short Vowel Worksheets: Follow the Directions!

Short Vowel Worksheets: Follow the Directions

My beginning reader is going to love these Short Vowel Worksheets!  While she still doesn’t do a lot of actual writing yet, she loves to color and use markers. She’s exhausted my collection of Follow the Direction worksheets, so it was certainly time for me to create a few new ones for her to enjoy. […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Blank Writing Pages

Martin Luther King Writing Pages

I’m a busy bee gathering all of the materials that we are going to use in our Martin Luther King, Jr. Unit Study later this month. Because I like to spice things up a little bit during the winter blahs, I thought it would be fun to write on Martin Luther King-themed writing pages during […]

Color By Number Worksheets: January!

Color By Number Worksheets: January

As you all surely know, we love color-by-number here at the Hill House.  Whether it’s easy color-by-number, simple addition and subtraction, or multiplication facts, we love any and all color-by-number activities! While I was planning our  homeschool semester, I thought it would be so much fun if my girls had color-by-number coloring pages for each […]