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Cutting Practice Worksheets: Transportation!

Transportation Cutting Practice

This is Transportation Week here at Mama’s!  My girls are loving all of these fun transportation worksheets and printables! Today, I’m posting a set of cutting practice worksheets.  If your kiddos need a bit of practice with scissor skills, this is the packet for them! Transportation Cutting Practice Worksheets In these cutting practice worksheets, your […]

Transportation Coloring Pages

Transportation Coloring Pages

This week, Mama’s Learning Corner is All About Transportation! You’ll find transportation puzzle cards, this set of transportation coloring pages, and a packet of transportation worksheets for Kindergarten and First Grade.  (The worksheets will be published next!) Whew!  That’s a whole lot of transportation goodies! And my preschooler is loving every minute of it!  Who […]

Transportation Puzzle Cards for Preschoolers

Transportation Puzzle Cards

Get your printers ready, Mamas.  This week is going to be a dream come true for your transportation loving children! Throughout the week, I’m posting a variety of transportation worksheets and activities for your young learners.  So make sure you check back often! Transportation coloring pages, transportation cutting pages, and transportation worksheets for Kindergarten and […]

Take a Peek at Our Current Homeschool Preschool Routine!

Our Preschool Routine

The online homeschooling community is so giving, isn’t it?  Each year, bloggers post what curricula they are using, why they’re choosing said curricula, and any helpful hints for the coming school year. For newer, and even more experienced homeschool moms, this is a dream! It’s such a treat to peek into another family’s homeschool and […]

Bible Copywork: Philippians 4:8

Bible Copywork: Philippians 4:8

I just love Philippians 4:8 and am working on committing it to memory.  It’s such a simple list to remind Christ followers of what our eyes should be seeing and what our ears should be listening to. And most importantly, what we should be thinking about.  Pondering. Meditating on. I need that reminder sometimes, and […]

Handwriting Worksheets for Kids: Color Words!

Handwriting Worksheets for Kids: Colors

My girls are so excited about these handwriting worksheets!  They are the new favorites around the Hill House. While we use a formal handwriting curriculum (which we love!), I very often put aside the formalities for a change of pace. I find that if I change things up often, my kiddos seem more engaged and […]

Compound Words Worksheet: What am I?

Compound Words Worksheet: What am I?

Are your young learners practicing compound words? They will love figuring out the clues in this fun compound words worksheet! My 7 year old was going back through a few of her All About Reading activities and came across her compound word activity from Level 2. (affiliate link) You have to use a small paper […]

Subtraction Shapes: Free Subtraction Worksheets

Free Subtraction Worksheets: Subtraction Shapes!

Several months ago, I published a set of addition worksheets with shapes for those kiddos that need a bit more practice with math facts. And I finally have a set of subtraction worksheets to go along with them! We use a variety of games and activities to practice math facts, but every so often I […]

Valentine Worksheets for Kindergarten and First Grade

Valentine Worksheets: Kindergarten and First Grade

Valentine’s Day is upon us! While we are not a family that goes all out for Valentine’s Day, it certainly is fun to incorporate a few fun Valentine worksheets into our school week! Who doesn’t love a little change of pace that includes pink and hearts galore?!  I have a bunch of girly girls, and […]

Valentine’s Blank Writing Pages

Valentines Day Blank Writing Pages

My children love it when we can change a little bit from our regular routine.  While the kids and I do thrive on routine, it’s always nice to have a small change of pace. That’s where fun printables like these Valentine Blank Writing Pages come in! While we admittedly don’t do very much for Valentine’s […]

Color By Number Worksheets: February!

Color By Number Worksheets: February

I’m so sorry, Friends, but I am a bit late in getting up February’s color by number worksheets! I’ve been quite busy installing a new eStore which has taken hours upon hours of time. Go take a peek at the new look if you have just a few minutes!  It’s so much easier to navigate and is […]