Make Over Your Mornings: Learning to Simplify

Make Over Your Mornings

If you’re following along with my Learning to Simplify series, you know that I’ve been getting up earlier than usual over the past month.  Actually, today marks my 4th week of getting up early, but who’s counting?! Getting up early before the rest of the house has worked well for me in this seasons of […]

Color By Number Worksheets: June!

Free Color By Number Worksheets for June

It’s the beginning of the month, so that means it must be Color By Number time here at Mama’s! Remember that my readers who subscribe to my weekly newsletter get a free 2-page set of color by number worksheets that are free for personal use. So go sign up now if you haven’t already! Color […]

Activity Basket for Kids: I Can Draw Animals!

Activity Baskets for Kids: I Can Draw Animals

At the beginning of the school year, I budget quite a bit of our homeschool money for crafts, markers, crayons, and art supplies.  My children know that they are welcome to any of those supplies at any time (as long as they clean up when they’re finished!). I’ve noticed that my little girls – ages […]

Learning to Simplify: How to Create a Simple Schedule for Your Family

Living the Simple Life: How to Create a Simple Schedule for Your Family

Yesterday, I continued writing in my Learning to Live the Simple Life series.  I didn’t intend to write two posts on how I keep my family from being overscheduled, but it exploded into an enormous topic! Make sure you read why it’s so important for my family to keep our daily schedule from getting out […]

Learning to Simplify: Our Daily Schedule and Why It Needs to Be Simple

Living the Simple Life: Why I Need a Simple Schedule

I’m so glad you’re following along with me in my mission to make my life more simple.  We’re heading into our last week of school here at the Hill House, and this is always a productive time for me to reflect on what has worked this past year and what has not. This week, I’m […]

Bible Copywork: The Beatitudes {Matthew 5}

}Matthew 5} The Beatitudes Copywork

The Beatitudes – Matthew 5 – are some of my favorite verses to read in the New Testament.  I read them often! In fact, I’m looking for a Bible Study that my kiddos I can do to really learn those verses and what Jesus was saying to us as believers. In the meantime, my kiddos […]

It’s My Birthday! 50% off today only!

Mama and Sissy Birthday Lunch

It’s my birthday and I’m celebrating with a 50% off sale in Mama’s Shop! Well, actually yesterday was my birthday, but I never made it to my laptop to schedule the sale. 😉 Use coupon code HAPPYDAY to receive 50% off of your entire order! You’ll find worksheet packets (science, famous people, etc), Nursery Rhymes […]

Chapter Books on Sale at Amazon – Perfect for Summertime Reading!

Children's Chapter Books on Sale

This summer, my kiddos are going to read, play outside, and then read some more! Because I value having a nice home library of children’s books, I am constantly searching for good sales. I’m listing my favorite chapter book finds from Amazon for you today! Happy Shopping! This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my […]

Kindergarten-First Grade Calendar Notebook

Kindergarten Calendar Notebook 2015 2016

Kindergarten – First Grade Calendar Notebooks 2015-2016 are here! *shouts of joy all around!* Calendar Notebooks are some of my favorite resources to make, but WOW do they take a long time! My Kindergartner (soon to be First Grader) used her calendar notebook pretty consistently this year, so I wanted to update it and give […]

Preschool Calendar Notebook

Preschool Calendar Notebook 2015-2016

Preschool Calendar Notebooks – they’re finally here for the 2015-2016 school year! Happy Dances all around! Because my 4 1/2 year old has worked through the preschool notebook quite a bit this year, I decided to give it a face lift so it would seem new to her when we started back with it in […]

Learning to Simplify: Meals, Snacks, and Grocery Shopping

Learning to Live the Simple Life: Simplify Meals, Snacks, and Grocery Shopping

I am on a mission to make my life more simple – our homeschool, our schedule, my WAHM life, keeping my home. And today I’m starting out with one of the biggies: simplifying our meals, snacks, and grocery shopping. As a homeschool mama, some days I feel like I spend all day in the kitchen. […]