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Quick, Easy Ideas for Christmas School

Painted Christmas Ornament Craft

A few weeks ago, I shared that the bulk of our learning during the Christmas Season involved living books and reading about the birth of Jesus. I was very blessed to realize early on in our homeschool life that we did not have to do traditional school, especially during the holidays. Whew!  What a relief! With […]

12 Days of Christmas Coloring Pages

12 Days of Christmas Coloring Pages

With Christmas upon us, it’s the perfect time for my children to have lots of fun pages! Between the Christmas File Folder Word Wall, fun Christmas printables, and Christmas coloring pages, my kiddos have had a great time with Christmas School!   12 Days of Christmas Coloring Pages This new set of coloring pages features […]

Our 7 Favorite Living Christmas Books

Christmas School with Living Books

As a homeschooling mom, I have the privilege of creating a special type of December for my children.  We aren’t forced to be 5 million places, if we don’t want to be.  We can take it slow and have what many call “Christmas School.” The backbone of our Christmas School is living books.  These are […]

Nursery Rhymes: Printable Sampler Packet!

Nursery Rhymes: Printable Activities

I am so excited to share with you my latest printable project: Nursery Rhymes! My little girls – ages almost 4 and 5 – are big nursery rhyme fans.  We say them before breakfast, during their school time, and they are usually requested as bedtime songs. They can’t seem to get enough. And because I […]

Bear Counters: How We Use Them in Our Homeschool

Bear Counters: How we Use them in Our Homeschool

Bear Counters – we LOVE them!  I am fairly certain the whole homeschool world had a set before we did, but I’m so glad we have them for our school days. (This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my disclosure policy for more information.) For 5+ years, we’ve used animal counters, but they aren’t quite […]