Nursery Rhymes Printables

My Winter Clothes: Match Game

Winter Clothes Matching Game

Match Games never go out of style here at the Hill House! As some of my children have gotten past the preschool age where match games reign supreme, I’ve implemented a few other strategies to make them last just a bit longer during the elementary years. Make sure to scroll through and read how we […]

Favorite Children’s Books About Snow!

Living Books about Snow

Whether we are doing school or having a laid-back day around the house, we are a family that reads a lot of books.  We love them! Living books have a beautiful way of teaching that I have found in no other method.  My children literally soak up the pages. What a joy to watch! This […]

Winter Coloring Pages

Winter Coloring Pages

Mini coloring pages – our favorites! And based on the emails I receive from all of you, your kiddos love them too! This week, my girls and I are reading through many of our favorite children’s books about snow and having a good time with these winter coloring pages. These coloring pages are unique in […]

Color Your Own Calendar!

Color Your Own Calendar: Free Printable!

My littlest girls are 5 1/2 and just turned 4.  This past semester didn’t exactly go as I’d hoped, and I found that several things fell through the cracks. One of those items that I failed to implement was a daily calendar time!  Yes, we started out great with our calendar notebooks, but I didn’t […]

Quick, Easy Ideas for Christmas School

Painted Christmas Ornament Craft

A few weeks ago, I shared that the bulk of our learning during the Christmas Season involved living books and reading about the birth of Jesus. I was very blessed to realize early on in our homeschool life that we did not have to do traditional school, especially during the holidays. Whew!  What a relief! With […]