ABC Hide and Seek Letter Find for Preschoolers

ABC Hide and Seek Letter Find Worksheets for Preschoolers

It’s all about Preschool this week here at Mama’s Learning Corner!  If you homeschool during the preschool years and you need simple, free printables, this is the week for you. I usually post only 1 worksheet or printable per day.  However during this week of homeschooling preschool, I’m publishing whole packets of worksheets. So get your printers ready!

In the past, I’ve posted several ABC Hide and Seek worksheets.  Now the series is complete, and you can download the whole alphabet in one easy pdf.

In our homeschool, we use these ABC Letter Find worksheeets to supplement the weekly letter we’re working on.  I typically print them out twice and let my preschooler find the specified letter at the beginning of the week and then again towards the end of the week.

Enjoy practicing letter recognition with your little ones!

Day #1:  ABC Letter Find (26-letter set of Hide and Seek Letter worksheets)
Day #2: 10-Page Scissor Skills Packet 
Day #3:
  Match Game Packet (3 different Memory-style match games: transportation, zoo animals, and fruit) 
Day #4Shape Sorting Printables Packet (4-page set of shape sorting pages)
Day #5: Color Recognition Printable Packet (9-page set of color recognition)


Mama’s Favorite ABC Resources

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Here are several of our favorite tried-and-true resources for learning ABCs, in addition to everyday life learning.  You can also browse my Preschool-Early Kindergarten Pinterest Board for more great ideas!


Click the image below to download ABC Hide and Seek Letter Find:

ABC Hide And Seek Letter Find



  1. I had no idea that you have a homeschool site!

    We started homeschooling our twins at the end of May. We love it and it was such a leap of faith- I was very scared initially.

    I am always looking for more worksheets and printables. You’ve got some great stuff here.

    • Lauren Hill says:

      Hey Crystal! Yes, this is still just a baby site. It was only a year old in June. :)

      You’re doing Sonlight with your boys, right? (and HOW did they get to be K’ers??). I keep up with you in my Facebook stream. 😉

      • We used some of these sheets this morning in between Language Arts activities. Perfect for my twin that must keep his hands busy all the time. :)

        Yes, we are using Sonlight and we are really enjoying it. And I agree, how did they get to be Kindergarteners?! And what an honor that you keep up with us over on Facebook. Life is so fun.

        I am adding your site to my Pinterest Homeschool Resource board!

  2. Amber A. says:

    Thank you for this set of printables. I was just on your site last night looking for the whole alphabet, but instead downloaded what letters you had available. You are so talented and such a blessing to me in my homeschooling journey!

  3. Kelly Mulvey says:

    Thank you so much for the work you have out in this site!!! I am teaching preschool at home, but I really am wanting to keep my soon to be 3rd grader home as well. I am nervous and scared to do this. We have a great elementary school, but they will soon be going to IPads. I just feel having my child stuck in a computer all day is not really what we want. Any ideas or encouragement is appreciated. It will be a definite leap of faith for us 😉

    • Oh goodness…I’m not sure I’d be a fan of going to an iPad either. 😉 Living books are a beautiful thing!

      Thankfully, homeschool moms that blog so freely share of their ideas, experiences, and resources that they use to teach their children. So at least you have a lot of online resources and ideas to pull from. Blessings, Mama. You CAN do it!!

  4. Kris Bush says:

    I absolutely love your website. Your packets are such a help to my family, we are doing light homeschooling over the summer before picking up starting next month. Thank you for posting these awesome packets for people like me who love homeschooling but do not know how to make worksheets.

    Love to you and your family.

  5. Roxanna Alcantra says:

    I love your activities! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Karen Elledge says:

    I am trying to download your abc hide and seek letter find for preschoolers and nothing happens. I did register to be on your mailing list and am following you on fb. I also downloaded the doc to pdf but still nothing works. Please let me know what to do next. Thank you

  7. Hey Karen! Make sure you’re opening the pdf using Adobe Acrobat Reader (it’s free). If you try to use another program, like the default program on a Mac, it often won’t read it well.

    So download the pdf and save it somewhere on your computer. Then open it up from where you saved it and make sure you open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then try printing from there.

    If that still doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll help you troubleshoot. :)


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