Color Recognition Printable Packet

Learning colors is such a fun part of preschool days!  Besides encounters in every day life, there are many hands-on activities to learn colors.

Sometimes, it’s also fun to spice up learning with a colorful printable. :)

9-page set of Preschool Color Recognition Packet

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Color Recognition Printable Packet

Today’s Preschool Packet includes a 9-page set of color recognition printables.  Each page is designed to reinforce learning one specific color by your child circling the correct items.

Colors include:

  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • black
  • green
  • blue
  • brown
  • pink
  • purple

Now would be a great time to purchase a few of the $0.10 3-prong folders that are on sale during the back-to-school rush.

Print each of the pages and slide them into page protectors.  Then insert them into a couple of folders.

Let your little ones use them over and over with a dry erase marker and only print once!

Favorite Resources to Learn About Colors

Since I’m now on my 4th preschooler, we have certainly gone through many coloring resources!  Here are a few of our favorites.

Animal Coloring Pad

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Animal Coloring Pad – We love the variety of animals and the pictures are just the right size for my young artists.

When my older girls (5 and 7) use these pictures, the dazzle them up with glitter glue, sequins, or any other crafty supply we have on hand.


1000 Things to Color

1000 Things to Color – We use this as a during-school-only coloring book, so it stays fresh!

Most of the pictures have prompts, which do require help from me, but my girls love this book!


Big Book of Colors

Big Book of Colors – What a NEAT book!

This book is excellent for kiddos, ages 2 and up.  Use it to introduce colors to your youngest learners and use the color wheel to show your older preschoolers how colors mix when combined with others.

A favorite of ours!


Animal Counters

Animal Counters – We use animal counters in a variety of ways, and learning colors is top on that list.

You can read about all the many ways we use counters in our homeschool.



Click on the image to download the free Color Recognition Printables:

Find the Color Preschool Packet



  1. I can’t get your find the color preschool packet or match game packet to download…any ideas? Thanks!

  2. I cant get the color recognition packet and the match game packet to print.. are the links working? can you send them to me? i love the alphabet recognition packet!!!

  3. Jennifer V says:

    Thanks so much! I think my 4 year old will love this. I’m actually printing it out right now so he can do ‘school’ today :)


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