Printable Multiplication Match Game

Use this Multiplication Match Game to practice math facts in a fun and different way!  Solving problems on paper can get old, so spice things up with this match game!

How to Set up the Multiplication Match Game:

Print both pages for each fact family.

The page which contains only numbers will be the game board.  Leave it intact and do not cut it.

The other page contains the multiplication problem that must be solved.  Cut the page into pieces using the colored lines as a guide.

If you downloaded the whole set, you’ll notice that the game board and the corresponding equation have the same color.  In the event that your game board and pieces become separated, you can easily sort the sets again.

Since you’ll probably use these games multiple times (we did!), make sure to print them on cardstock and laminate them if you have a home laminator.

Side Note:  We use a lot  of card stock each week, so I’ve put in a fair amount of time researching the best price for it.  I’ve found that Amazon is by far the cheapest price.  The Wausau brand of white card stock  is my favorite! (affiliate link)

How to Play the Multiplication Match Game:

Choose which set of multiplication facts your child needs to practice.  I’ll choose the 2 facts as an example.

Place the 2’s game board on your desk.  Then shuffle the corresponding equations.

Match the fact to the correct answer on the game board by setting the equation on top.

When the game board is filled with equations, shake off the pieces, shuffle, and play again!


When a fact family becomes easy for my son, I start to time how fast he can complete the board.  He loves to see his completion time become shorter and shorter!  After a set amount of plays, you can take the time records and graph them.  Fun fun!


Multiplication Match Game for Fact Families 1, 2 and 3

The following download contains the Multiplication Match Game for 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s.

As a thank you to my email subscribers, fact families 4 through 12 are available for download.  If you’re a new subscriber, you’ll see the link when you confirm your email subscription.


Click the image to download Multiplication Match Game for personal use:

Multiplication Match Game 1 Through 3



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