Beginning Sounds Match Game

My 5-year-old is learning to read and needs lots of materials that reinforce letter sounds.  This Beginning Sounds Match Game is the perfect activity for her to practice beginning letter sounds.


Several Ways to Play

Each letter of the alphabet has a set of cards that contain the same beginning sound.

For a very early reader, set out only 5 or 6 sets of cards face up.  If your child has too many choices, he may become overwhelmed.  Encourage him to find the cards that have the same beginning sound – apple/ant, igloo/inch, etc.  Once your child has successfully matched those letter sounds, try playing the game with the cards turned over to practice memory skills.  When your child masters those chosen 5 or 6 matches, set them aside and choose another set of sounds to practice.

For a child that already has a greater mastery of beginning sounds, you can set all of the cards out.  Then your child can set to work finding all 26 beginning sound matches.  To make the game harder, you can turn them face down for a Memory-style game.


Two Sets of Match Games

Before you print the game, make sure you note that there are actually two games included in this download.

The first game has the words of the objects at the bottom of the match piece.  The second game does not have the words included on the match piece.  This second game will obviously be harder since your child won’t have any visual clues.


More Match Games at Mama’s

Match Games are a much loved item at our house with my preschooler and Kindergartner.  If your kiddos love them as well, feel free to download a set of preschool match games and Mama’s Fall Match Game.

Beginning Sounds Match Game


  1. Kristen Savko says:

    I can’t wait to try this with the children I tutor! They are going to love it because of all those bright beautiful pictures.

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