Attribute Apples: Favorite Educational Toy

Attribute Apples: one of our favorite educational toys!

The past few weeks, my girls and I have had a big time studying apples.  Since fall is upon us, it’s the perfect time to read, study, and eat all things apple! (This post contains affiliate links that help support the free worksheets and printables offered at Mama’s Learning Corner.  For more information, please see […]

File Folder Word Wall: Fall!

File Folder Fall Word Wall

I’ve always loved the idea of a word wall, but we just don’t have space for it in our small school room.  Word Walls can increase vocabulary, be a fun way to reinforce spelling, and spark great writing activities. Due to our lack of wall space, I had written off using word walls in our […]

My Spelling Dictionary – Customize for any grade or subject!

My Spelling Dictionary - Customize for any grade or subject!

I have a very precious-to-my-heart 7-year-old daughter, my oldest girl.  We have taken reading and spelling a bit slower because she’s needed a good amount of extra practice and reinforcement.  In my opinion, it’s better for her to go a bit slower and really nail down particular literacy concepts, than breeze on through and those […]

All About Reading: Level 4 is Here and On Sale!

All About Reading Level 4 Discount

Note:  This post contains affiliate links which help keep most printables and worksheets free at Mama’s Learning Corner.  Thank you if you choose to purchase through my affiliate link!  You can find out more information from my disclosure policy.   Oh yes, we are big All About Reading fans here at the Hill House. We have […]

Subtraction Practice to 5: Take Away!

Subtraction Practice Worksheets to 5: Take Away!

If your kiddos are like mine, they need lots of practice with subtraction facts!  For some reason, my children have a harder time with those.  Despite learning to add and subtract using number bonds, subtraction seems to come a bit slower. And it needs a ton of practice. In addition to Subtraction Bingo and various […]