Addition Shapes: Free Worksheets

Addition Shapes: free worksheets to practice math facts!

If my children are having to work on math facts, they would much rather practice them in fun ways! While we occasionally use traditional worksheets, I mostly try to reinforce math facts with games or neat printables. Addition Shapes Math Practice This is a 2-page set of printables that focus on mastering addition facts of […]

Multiplication Grids – Fun way to practice math facts!

Multiplication Grids: Free Worksheets to practice multiplication facts

We are in a constant state of learning math facts here at the Hill House.  It’s never ending! Because mastering those math facts can be boring, I try to come up with creative ways to commit those facts to memory. We play card games, play dice games, use match games, and lots of other hands-on […]

Color By Number: Pumpkins!

Free Color By Number: Pumpkins!

I love making color-by-number worksheets and my girls love to color them.  So we’re a great match! Since we’re all about pumpkins during this fall month of October, I have a new, fun color-by-number to share with you and your little people!   Color By Number: Pumpkins For Sale This color-by-number printable has a fun […]

Free Printable: Number Word Cards

Free printable Number Word Cards: includes 1-20 and tens to 100!

This week, my older girls are learning to recognize and read number words.  My 5-year-old is learning the number words through the number 10 and my 7-year-old is learning the numbers words through 100. Instead of handwriting several word card sets for my girls, I decided to make a printable set and share it with […]

Rhyming Picture Cards

Free Rhyming Cards

As my regular readers know, my girls love match games! I have a variety of styles here at Mama’s Learning Corner and I’m thrilled to share with you the newest edition: Rhyming Picture Cards! My 5-year-old is still a very beginning reader and my almost 4-year-old is still working on letter sounds and phonemic awareness. […]