How I Encourage Pretend Play in Our Home

Through the years, I’ve worked hard to encourage my children to use their imaginations.  I have some children who are extremely creative, and others who are more gifted in other areas. But regardless of how creative my children are, I’ve provided them with opportunity after opportunity to use the magnificent creative brains that God gave […]

Why Imaginative Play is a Priority in Our Home

Thankfully with having 4 children, I realized early on that imaginative play has huge benefits.  While I create a boatload of worksheets and printable activities for us to use in our homeschool, they never trump pretend play. Imaginative play is a priority in our home. For many years, I felt like I wasn’t disciplined enough […]

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

For the past couple of years, my children and I have attended a Valentine’s Day Bowling party with the homeschool crowd from our church. It is just so fun!  My kiddos are looking forward to it. Each year the children exchange Valentines and candy with one another. It never fails that I don’t remember this particular […]

All About Birds Writing Practice

While we usually use a traditional handwriting program here at the Hill House, I’m always willing to postpone it a day or two for a little copywork that relates to our current topic of study. This spring, my kiddos and I will re-visit all of our marvelous bird books and unit study resources. I’m so […]

Free Groundhog Day Printables!

Oh I am SO very late getting these super cute Groundhog Day printables posted! Thankfully, they are no-prep activities, so you can just print and go! Do you and your kiddos look to see if the groundhog sees his shadow? While we make mention of it on February 2nd, we don’t do a big unit […]