Christmas Listening Pages for Non-Readers

Amy and I have teamed up again for another round of Listening Pages!  We are both so thrilled to offer you these Biblically-based listening pages for your little people.

If you aren’t familiar with Listening Pages the concept is simple: keep little ones engaged in the church service on Sunday mornings – from singing to the sermon to prayer.

We launched a set of Listening Pages a few months ago and today we are providing a ‘Christmas Edition.’  We pray they will help your little ones stay focused on the true meaning of the Christmas Season.

Amy is hosting the Listening Pages for children that read fluently.  As you will see, her Pages offer words to listen for and a space to tally how often those words are heard throughout the service.  There is also a nice space to write extra notes.

The Christmas Listening Pages offered here at Mama’s Learning Corner are for kiddos that aren’t reading quite yet.  When they hear specific words in the church service, they color in a shape.  Then there is space to also practice writing the word they heard.

In our family, we feel it’s important that our children listen to the sermon and pay attention during the service.  These Listening Pages are a great way to help keep their minds focused.

There are 5 Christmas Listening Pages contained in this one-time .pdf download.

We hope you enjoy them!

Original Listening Pages

[download id=”77″ format=”1″]

If your little ones are fluent readers, remember to stop by Amy’s and download your Listening Pages for Readers!



  1. Kendra Miller says:

    This awesome!! Can you PLEASE do more!!! Easter…or anything else you can think of. My husband and I are always praying for new ways to help our 3 1/2 yr old engage in worship and this is a real answer to prayer. Thank you for making these available for free. :-)

    • Kendra, we’ve created quite a few. Check under the ‘Bible’ tab at the top of the page and you’ll see all of the choices. I’m glad you’re able to use them!

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. Tanya Roberts says:

    I am having trouble downloading the Christmas Edition listening sheets for non-readers. Could you please email them to me? Thank you!

  4. Hi!

    Sadly the download for the Christmas edition is not working. Would you be able to fix it? Thank you!!!!

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