George Washington: Facts and Worksheets

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Welcome to this 10-Day Series of Presidents of the United States!  From April 15 – April 26, I’ll publish a set of worksheets and printables to accompany a small unit study on US Presidents.  Make sure to download them all!  Click on the link to find a complete list of free US Presidents worksheets in this series.


George Washington Facts and Worksheets - Mama's Learning Corner


Fascinating Facts – George Washington

George Washington, the first President of the United States, led such an interesting life!  To pique your interest, here are a few Fascinating Facts about America’s first President:

  • Just days before Washington was born, a bolt of lightning struck the family’s farmhouse.  The lightning killed a woman that was visiting George’s mother, Mary.  Mary worried that the lightning strike was a sign of bad luck or that there would be something wrong with George.
  • George’s older brother, Lawrence, was the person he loved and admired most.  He taught George how to behave and dress like a gentleman.
  • Washington raised hound dogs and treated them like children.  He loved them dearly!  He was careful to give each of them an endearing name.
  • Despite fighting in many battles, Washington was never injured.  His hat was shot off of his head, musket shots sailed through his coat, but he was miraculously never injured.
  • Washington is the only president to be unanimously voted into office.
  • As a tribute to Washington, Congress built the Washington Monument, which was completed in 1880.  According to law, there can be no building in Washington, D.C. that is taller. 


Worksheets and Printables for George Washington

Interestingly, my oldest two children and I are studying the Revolutionary War this week.  So the kick-off of George Washington in this 10-Day Presidents Series could not have come at a better time!

We use Tapestry of Grace, but to supplement our learning, I’m using a ton of the resources found in my George Washington Resource Packet, including all of the included worksheets over the next couple of weeks.

So between these worksheets and the ones found in the Resource Packet, we’ll know a lot about our first president!

Feel free to download this free set of worksheets to use in your own study of Mr. Washington.  In this printable set, you’ll find:

  • George Washington Definitions – Review common terms associated with Washington with this fill-in-the-blank study
  • George Washington: Questions and Answers – Provides 2 Washington-themed writing prompts
  • George Washington Monument: Design Your Own! – Design your own version of a monument to honor Mr. Washington
George Washington - Free Worksheets from Mama's Learning Corner


George Washington Video

Lastly, enjoy watching this depiction of George Washington surprising the British.  Note that it’s done in Sesame Street’s classic style. 😉  My kiddos really enjoyed it!  We will watch several more historically accurate videos in the next couple of weeks, but this was just a fun one to view.


More George Washington Resources

Are you looking for more in-depth resources to study George Washington?  The George Washington Resource Packet might be the perfect solution for you.  I scoured the internet to find the best George Washington-related resources, which are packaged in one easy download.  In this packet, you’ll find links to interactive activities, crafts, museums, fact-filled websites, book suggestions, and more!  Of course there are 10 Mama Made Printables included, too.  Note that the set of 10 printables in the Members Only Set are completely different than those included in this free download.

The George Washington Resource Packet is available through the Membership Area at Mama’s Learning Corner.  Click through now to find out how you can sign up for instant access to this packet and more!

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