Helping Children Learn Scripture (and free Scripture Printables!)

Our homeschool starts each day with a devoted Bible time.  On most days, we use Bible Study Guide for All Ages, yet occasionally I’ll write my own Bible study for the week.

But the one aspect of Bible time I haven’t been successful at?

Memorizing Scripture.

I always have great intentions: I plan the verse we will memorize each week, I write it on the white board so I don’t forget and I even mention to my kiddos that we’re going to memorize a verse.

But my follow through has been just awful.  Until now.

The Challenge to Memorize

A couple of weeks ago, our Pastor challenged us to memorize two verses: 1 John 1:9 and Romans 8:28 I took his challenge seriously and prayed over ways for myself and my children to learn those verses!  The following ideas have been oh so helpful in searing those Scriptures on our hearts.  I hope these ideas will help you and your little ones learn Scripture as well.

The White Board

We have a large 8-foot white board in our school room.  It truly does make me squeal in delight and is by far one of my favorite homeschool items.  At the beginning of our week, I make sure the verse to be memorized is written at the top and visible for my oldest to see (he’s the only reader).

Because the verse is on the board, it’s a visual reminder to me to say it often throughout our homeschool day – not just during Bible time.  And when my son starts to daydream, his eyes are drawn to that white board and at least it is Scripture that he’s reading!

Do the Bible Verse Stomp

My 7-year-old-boy leans towards being an auditory/kinesthetic learner, so I try to incorporate as much learning as possible in those methods.  One morning during Bible time, he had a worse-than-usual case of the wiggles.  The bright idea came to me to “stomp” out the verse.  He loved this method and we’ve used it many times since then.

Here’s how we do the Bible Verse Stomp:

As you say your chosen verse aloud, stomp your foot with each word that is said.  We alternate left and right feet.  So it looks like this using 1 John 1:9:

If (stomp right foot) we (stomp left foot) confess (stomp RF) our (stomp LF) sins (stomp RF)… you get the idea.

And if you don’t get the idea, you can see my son doing the Bible Verse Stomp in this video (you’ll have to click through if you’re reading in email or a reader):

Don’t care for the Bible Verse Stomp?  Substitute anything for the Stomp – jumping jacks, arm windmills, hand claps – anything creative to help those little brains remember the verse.

Record Your Voice Reading Scripture

Because I’m old school (or maybe just old), my first thought was “do we have an old tape I could record the Scripture on?” I’m sure my techy husband would cringe if I told him that!

It then dawned on me with my iPhone sitting beside me that I’m sure there’s an app for that. And of course there is! We’re using the Free version of Audio Memos and it’s worked beautifully for recording our Scripture.

I record the verse, reading it several times. Since it’s a privilege for my little people  to touch my phone, they enjoy listening to it several times throughout the day. We also record it several times as a group.

When one of the children memorizes their verse, their “reward” (or at least they see it that way!) is to record themselves saying it on my phone. They feel so proud of themselves when they hear it over and over! And I honestly love hearing their little voices on my phone. So sweet.

Make a Video of Yourself Reading Scripture

Use your phone or your camera to make a quick video of yourself reading Scripture.

Or better yet, video your kiddos doing the Bible Verse Stomp.  They will love seeing themselves recite their verse over and over while doing jumping jacks.  And if your kiddos are like mine, they’ll watch it 492 times.  Which means they’ll hear that verse 492 times.  And that’s a win-win.

Draw a Card from the Scripture Jar


I thought it would be fun to assign certain times that my kiddos were to practice their verses.  Sure, we all practice during Bible time in the morning, but how would we remember to practice throughout the day also?

Enter: The Scripture Jar.

I took several set times throughout the day – when we brush our teeth, make beds, eat meals – and printed them on cardstock.  I made a set for my older one who reads and also a set with pictures for my other littles who don’t yet read.

Each morning, they draw one card from the jar and announce the time that they will practice their verse.  So my 7 year old might draw the card that states “I’ll practice my verse every time I put on my shoes.”  My 5 year old might draw the card with a picture of a bath tub, so she knows she’ll practice when she takes a bath.  And my 3 year old might draw the card with  a picture of her toothbrush, so she’ll practice each time she brushes her teeth.  The 17-month-old doesn’t draw yet – she would only eat the card. Winking smile

The Scripture Jar is so much fun – it’s a surprise every day which card you’ll draw!  It’s a fun way to keep memorizing Scripture exciting and new.


Download your own Scripture Jar Printables!  Click on the link below:

[download id=”273″ format=”1″]



How do you memorize Scripture with your children?  What methods work the best at your house?


  1. Oh, I love the scripture jar! We write out our memory verse on a 3×5 card, and use it as a bookmark in our scriptures, so we always remember to practice it in the morning, but I love the idea of using the jar to practice all day. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. danielle says:

    My daughter was in cubbies in the AWANA program last year for the first time and most of them were crazy easy, but on a few occations they had some long ones so i would make up a song and sing it into my iphone and then play it for my daughter and she picked up on it very quickly and i got to memorize it as well :) this one was the first one

    For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command, love thy neighbor as yourself.
    gal. 5:14

    Memorization never came easy to me so i am pretty proud to have memorized some this year too! ;0)

    • Good for you, Danielle! It has never come easily to me either. It’s amazing how quickly my children just soak up words and remember them!

  3. We practice our current verse(s) in the morning. This is part of our daily Bible reading plan.

    We first go over our learned prayers or scripture. This is followed by reading a psalm. We read the same psalm every day for one week. The next week we continue on with the following psalm. After our psalm we continue our reading of the Bible as a story, picking up where we left off. This includes short discussion of related facts learned from the commentary in our study bible and with Journey Through the Bible.

    To memorize our prayers or verse we say it together each morning. We also review verse we have already learned. I need more work than the children so I have a few extra tools I use.

    I wrote about this topic at this link, if you are interested. :)

    I really like the scripture jar idea and adding the verse to a bookmark. These might have to become part of our day as well.

  4. I love the Bible verse stomp. I can see my son really getting into that. My daughter (age 7) always makes up a song to go along with her memory work. It’s super cute and I have no clue how she remembers the tunes, but she does!

  5. I loved all your ideas, I teach scriptures to high school students. I bet they would love to try some of these ideas. You are never to old to have fun while learning.
    thanks for sharing
    Sherrill Graff

  6. With your reader…..try erasing one or two words from the wipe board each day and challenge him to see if he can remember the words to fill in the blanks. By the end of the week, most of the words will be erased, but He’ll likely remember them all!

  7. Thanks for the post. We have also did a scripture scramble. I used index cards and magnetic strips. We write a word or two on the cards. Then cut a magnetic strip and attach it to the back. We mix the scripture up on our white board. We each take turns mixing it up and putting the scripture back together again.

  8. Excellent Idea! Thank you for sharing.


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