The Ins and Outs of Homeschooling Preschool

This week’s Google+ Hangout on Air was so much fun!  Amy Roberts from Raising Arrows and Carisa H. from 1+1+1=1 were my panelists and they were an absolutely joy!  I am so grateful to them both for sharing their time, wisdom, and experience with us.

If you’re new to Mama’s Hangouts, the concept is very simple: Each week some of my favorite bloggers and I talk about a topic that most every homeschool mom can relate to – occupying littles during school time to homeschooling multiple ages, to meal planning (coming in 2014!), and more.  Google+ Hangouts are similar to a live TV show, where you can watch the “program” live or watch the replay on You Tube.

I host a Hangout each Tuesday at 2pm ET, so make sure you join us!  They never last more than 30 minutes, and they are super laid back and informal.  I envision my panelists and myself (and you!) sitting around my kitchen table and chit-chatting over a cup of coffee.

So come join us!

The Ins and Outs of Homeschooling Preschool Google+ Hangout - lots of preschool resources!


Homeschooling Preschool

The panelists for this Hangout are experienced homeschooling moms who give lots of direction in where to begin with preschool and what the preschool years look like in their own home.

Stop by and visit them at their blogs and on Google +:


Watch the 30-minute replay of The Ins and Outs of Homeschooling Preschool:


Highlights from Homeschooling Preschool:

  • What are your goals for homeschooling preschool?  – Preschool at home is much more than just learning to write letters and numbers.  Many goal ideas are listed and explained.
  • Examples of what a more planned type of preschool looks like in the panelists’ homeschools – Includes ideas for weekly schedules and various types of curriculum possibilities
  • How long should preschool last each day? – Very practical, specific examples
  • Delight-directed preschool – what is it and why would you do it?
  • Where to start in planning for preschool – Several curriculum ideas and practical help in how to actually use that curriculum
  • Exploring with Play – When to step in and when to back off and let them do their own thing
  • Examples of tried-and-true resources for preschool 
  • Words of wisdom for moms of preschoolers – make sure you listen to these if you’re a young homeschool mom looking for a bit of direction 😉


Helpful Links for Homeschooling Preschool

The Wonderment Curriculum - What preschoolers really need

What Preschoolers Really Need – an excellent look at delight-directed learning during the preschool years


How we Homeschool Preschool and Kindergarten from Raising Arrows

How We Homeschool Preschool and Kindergarten – lots of wisdom and experience mixed with practical ideas


Rod & Staff Preschool Series

Rod & Staff Preschool Series – a great starting point for preschool that is simple to implement!


Following the Lead of Your Preschooler at Home from Carisa at 1+1+1=1

Following the Lead of Your Preschooler at Home – This is a great model if you need tips on exactly what to do with your child, especially if what you’re currently doing is not going so well


Mama's Must-Have Manipulatives for Young Learners

Must-Have Manipulatives for Young Learners – a variety of manipulatives that are perfect for the preschool years; included is a short video of how we use them in our own home


Where to Begin with Tot School - free ebook

Where to Begin with Tot School – Free ebook when you subscribe to 1+1+1=1’s email newsletter


Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten Bundle

Raising Rock Star Kindergarten Bundle – A supplemental Kindergarten curriculum featuring ABC units based on Bible verses and memorization


Worksheets and Printables for PreK to Second Grade Pinterest Board

Worksheets and Printables for PreK to Second Grade Pinterest Board – this is a very active board with multiple pins each day; currently at 630+ pins of great ideas for your little one!


Take a peek at what the panelists use for Preschool in their own homes:

Preschool Curriculum Choices from Raising Arrows

Preschool Curriculum – Amy at Raising Arrows


Play-based, child-led Preschool Plan from 1+1+1=1

Play-based, child-let Preschool Plan – Carisa from 1+1+1=1


Preschool and Early Kindergarten plans include All About Reading Level Pre-1, Handwriting Without Tears, lots of math manipulatives, a calendar notebook, and more at Mama's Learning Corner

Preschool and Early Kindergarten Plans – Lauren from Mama’s Learning Corner


  1. Wow! So many resources here…thank you so much for sharing. Loved the video…helped me out a lot, homeschooling my youngest child this year, as well as first time home-schooler to my older 2 kids. : )

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