Mother’s Day Handprint Poem

Mother's Day Handprint Poem - Mama's Learning Corner

My Mama always said that she treasured a homemade card more than anything we could ever buy her.  I, of course, didn’t think she was telling the truth as a child – who wouldn’t want a purchased gift?!

But now that I have 4 children of my own, I certainly understand how precious those homemade items are.

Mother’s Day Handprint Poem

This Mother’s Day Poem Printable is an easy, inexpensive gift for little ones to give their moms.  Simply download, print on cardstock, and place the child’s handprints in the center.  In terms of craftiness, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

After the paint dries, you can hang in your favorite spot in the house or even frame it to hang in a bedroom or hallway.

If you’ve been a mama for more than 10 minutes, you know how fleeting these early years are.  This printable poem is a sentimental way to capture those little handprints on something other than the wall.  (I’ll admit I never fuss about the handprints on my wall.  They’re getting higher and higher up the wall, it seems.  Boo hoo.)

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Click the Image to Download Your Own Mother’s Day Handprint Poem

Mothers Day Handprint Poem



  1. Shari Stremme says:

    I love the printable Mother’s Day Handprint Poem. Thank You so very much :) Happy Mother’s Day!


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