Parts of Speech: The Noun/Verb Sort

The Noun-Verb Sort is a fun way to practice these parts of speech!

We use this activity to reinforce correct identification of nouns and verbs.  My son isn’t a fan of writing, so this is a good alternative for him.

The Noun Verb Sort from Mama's Learning Corner

Directions for the Noun-Verb Sort

After printing the document, cut out each of the words along the gray lines.  Identify the part of speech by placing it under the correct heading.

If you will use this chart many times, I recommend you print it on card stock so it will last longer than 1 or 2 uses.

If your child enjoys gluing, simply have him paste the word in its correct column.  You’ll need to print multiple pages of the chart if you choose this method.

Lastly, I’ve included 3 pages of words to sort.  Don’t feel you have to sort all of these words in 1 sitting.  I found that my child enjoyed sorting just one page per day.


Note:  If you have younger ones at home, this is a great cutting activity!  Have the younger ones cut out the words and the older ones match!

If this is the type of activity that your children enjoy, make sure you download The Noun Sort and Past Tense: Regular and Irregular Verbs.


Click on the image to download the Noun-Verb Sort

Noun Verb Sort


  1. This is great, thanks!

  2. Thanks! This was just what I needed for todays lesson on noun/verb sorting!!! God Bless!

  3. A lot of these words can be both noun and verb – is that supposed to be the point? (eg: face, run, dress, dance, block, scream…)

    • Lauren Hill says:

      Claire – good question. I intentionally chose several words that could be both.

      My son has completed these sheets several times over the course of the year as we review. When he comes across a word that can be used as both a noun and a verb, he sets it off to the side.

      When he’s finished gluing, we usually have a small pile of those words that can be both. He and I alternate choosing one of the leftover words and then using that word in a sentence. He then glues it in the correct column based on the context of the sentence.

      His favorite part, by far, is the end when we each call out sentences using the leftover words. It turns it into a game!

      Thanks for asking! -Lauren

  4. You are my new hero!!! Thanks.


  6. Thank you!!


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