Simple Addition and Subtraction Color-By-Number Worksheets

Simple Addition and Subtraction Color By Number Worksheets

Welcome back to Day #2 of this 5-Day series of Color-By-Number Worksheets!

Today’s packet focuses on simple addition and subtraction, which is usually geared towards Kindergarten-1st Grade.  In this 4-page worksheet set, your child will solve each equation and then use the key to determine the correct color to use in the picture.

Please note that these particular worksheets are packed with equations.  In my opinion, there are enough equations on each page to last at least 2 days’ worth of math fact practice.  

When my 6-year-old works on this type of densely packed worksheet, I instruct her to only complete 6 equations.  Then she can complete 6 more if she doesn’t burn out on it, or she can complete 6 more equations in the next sitting.  My 6-year-old views these color-by-number worksheets as fun and I don’t want to be so busy solving equations that she misses out on the ‘fun’ part. 😉

After downloading this packet, stop by Mama’s Color-By-Number Page for more coloring fun!

Simple Addition and Subtraction Color-By-Number Worksheets

I’m proud to be a part of this 5-Day Summer Hopscotch series hosted by iHomeschool Network.



  1. Thank you so much! My daughter loves color by anything.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to create and share these.

  3. The worksheets are fun! Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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