We’re Ready for Spring – Park Days and Chalk Pastels!

It has been a longer-than-usual winter here in North Carolina and we are ready for some spring weather!

Because we were pining for a warm day at the park, my children and I decided to have a nature study day at the park last Friday morning.

Fun day at the park

We had a wonderful time despite the fact that it was 42 degrees!  Brrr.

Lesson learned: If you want to have the park equipment all to yourselves, go on a morning where the temperature doesn’t get above 45 degrees. 😉

A little peek at spring!

I captured these gorgeous purple flowers at the park.

Beautiful purple flowers

Drawing Bird Nests – Chalk Pastels

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We have a pair of cardinals that are building a nest in the tree we can see directly from our school room windows.  I have yet to snag a picture of them, but I can’t tell you the pleasure my children and I have gotten from watching these two!

With all of the talk of birds this past week (and how they must be confused because one day the temperature is 72 and 3 days later it’s 34 degrees), it seemed like the perfect idea to draw a bird’s nest this week for art!

Birds Nest Chalk Pastel

If you read here at Mama’s, you know my children and I adore chalk pastels.  They are easy for moms because they require very minimal prep time.  Even though they’re a bit messy, the clean-up is fairly minimal.  They’re a frugal art activity that all ages can participate in – even my 3-year-old!

Watching Chalk Pastel tutorial

And best of all?  Nana gives step-by-step chalk pastel tutorials.

Nana’s tutorials are the best!

My children love her because they also have a ‘Nana.’ :)

You can watch Nana’s tutorial for drawing the birds nest here:


A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels eBook – Art for All Ages

A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels has a whopping 40 pages and contains a selection of tutorials:

  • Quilts on a clothesline (our next project!  Goes perfectly with The Rag Coat we just finished.)
  • Rain
  • Rainbow
  • Spring Tree
  • A tree swing
  • Three little chicks

and more!

Chalk Pastel Birds Nest


Click on the image below to purchase your own copy of A Seasonal Start in Spring Chalk Pastels and get started today!

Spring Chalk Pastels ebook


  1. What artists you have!! And I don’t think I realized that your children have a Nana too. This is absolutely wonderful and I love how you have made the most of this crazy weather and celebrated with the park and pastels. (So smart to cover the laptop with a towel!) Beautiful birds nests. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Good morning from Nana at Hodgepodge! I was so excited to see your absolutely wonderful bird’s nest pastel paintings! What a wonderful job you all have done! I am so proud that your Nana and I share the same blessed name from you…tell you what: I can be your Nana # 2 anytime! Keep up the beautiful work…and always, always remember: You are ALL artists!!

    Nana #2

  3. My children love watching the tutorial a lot. We use to use crayons here to color which are similar to pastel, I think. We are going to use them for drawing as it is in the video. Thank you very much for sharing.

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